Talita Zaragoza was born in São Paulo, in 1985. The artist works mainly with drawings and photography, and recently also with installation.  


Her inspiration comes mostly from nature, from the relationship of the concepts of micro and macro, action and reaction, transience and permutable interrelationships. Her work dialogues with natural landscapes and its rhythm creating metaphorical connections and reverberation aesthetics. 


Since 2012, she leaves in New York, here was accepted to study at ICP – International Center for Photography on the General Studies course, focused on Fine Arts photography. Prior to that, she received her B.A. in Fine Arts and has a Master in Art History from FAAP – Fundação Alvares Penteado, in São Paulo Brazil. 


Zaragoza has shown her works in different cities, mainly in São Paulo and New York, like the Gallery Emma Thomas, at The International Center for Photography, SP Arte, MAB FAAP, The Hollows and Interventions 3 curator Isidro Blasco. She attended two residencies on the United States, one in New York – The Hollows, and one in Dorset, Vermont – The Marble House. Her works are in private and public collections such as on MACBA – Museu de Arte Contemporânea de Sorocaba.

Talita Zaragoza continues living in New York, working on her projects between Brazil and US.


• Some of her work can also be found at ArtSpace and Artsy


          "Ressonâncias", 2011 - Galeria Concreta, São Paulo - BR

           "Talita Zaragoza", 2017 - Studio Bang Bang, São Paulo - BR



  “Land+Body=Escape”, Nars Foundation, 2018, New York, US

“Land+Body=Escape”, 2018, Carrer D’art, Miami, US

“Bird”, 2018, Bird, New York, US

          "Árvore, Galhos e Folhas", Galpões Santo Antonio, 2017, Amparo - BR

           "Living Things", Lazy Susan Gallery 2017, New York - US 

           "Procession", Folley Gallery, October 2016, New York - US

           "Rubik's Cube", Hollows, October 2016, New York - US

           "Vertigo", at Interventions 3, September 2016, New York - US

           "Gogó da Ema", Emma Thomas Gallery, July 2016, New York - US

“Transportados”, Casa Samambaia, 2016, São Paulo, BR

           The Marble House, Art Residency, May - June 2015, Vermont, US

           The Hollows, Art Residency, June- September, New York - US

           "Da Feitura dos Sonhos" - Galeria Ventana, 2014 - São Paulo - BR

           "P/ARTE" - Galeria de Babel, 2014 - São Paulo - BR

           "Elective Affinities", 2014 - International Center for Photography, New York - US

           "Estruturas Imaginárias", 2014 - MARCO, Museu de Arte Contemporânea de Campo Grande, BR

           "P/ARTE" - Galeria de Babel, 2012 - São Paulo - BR

           "Sem Marchand II", 2012 - São Paulo - BR

           "Sem Marchand", 2011 - São Paulo - BR

           "Arquivo Criativo", 2010 - São Paulo - BR

           "Do lado de lá", 2008 - MAB-FAAP, São Paulo - BR 



          The Hollows, New York, 2014
          The Marble House, Vermont, 2015  




           All images copyright Talita Zaragoza . All rights reserved.